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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 27, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web, this is the show for you "right this minute." >> a dirt bike rider tries to power through floodwaters. >> washing him away. >> now the one tough guy with no regrets. >> would i do it again? probably. >> a dad walks his daughters down the aisle after -- >> doctors gave him only months to live. >> oh, my gosh. >> now meet the ladies who will
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never forget a father's last wish. >> to be surprised with that means the world to me. >> top corner suspects in a crime spree but -- >> it didn't go down without a fight. see what left seven officers walking wounded. >> help me! >> plus still a chance to win an ipad mini. we'll give you a chance to win. plus we'll try to explain this. >> ladies, do i look distinguished? >> yes! >> life is all about choices. sometimes those choices can cost you your life if you're not careful. this is michael riding his dirt bike into this town in colorado. you can see this street is flooded. >> this is a road. that's unbelievable. >> michael said he was on his way through the town and wanted to check out some of the flood damage he had heard about. but this is where maybe a lapse in judgment may have come into
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play. at first tentatively entering this water to try and cross it. gets a little deeper and away he goes. the floodwaters overpowering him and the motorcycle, washing him away. >> wow! he's completely in the water now. >> there he loses the motorcycle completely and gets pushed under this debris. he goes under the water, the camera goes black, but then he pops up. the motorcycle is gone. michael manages to claw his way to the banks of these floodwaters, collects himself and survives. joining us right this minute is michael. michael, i call this a lapse in judgment. would you agree with in a? what's your take on this? >> a lot of people think i'm an idiot for doing this but they don't know me or my background. >> tell bus your background.
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>> i've been road racing for three years. my most recent bad ass accomplishment was do you know pike's peak, the hill climb? i competed in that this year in and i dominated my class with a 37-second lead over second place. >> another nature kind of won this one. would you do it again. >> i'm i'm very familiar with that road. think very little experience when the flood went through and how much damage it caused the road. i wasn't expecting a chunk of it to be missing. would i do it again? probably. >> what was going through your head as you were getting swept away and particularly as you were getting puledunder.ut it i perspective was being ork being this is getting serious now is when the motorcycle got ripped from my hand. it's like okay, i'm not in control, this isn't cool, i'm under water. and you see i literally fall
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down. >> tell us how it is. >> it totalled. i had a friend dig it out with a backhoe. my poor baby, man, i killed her. >> oh. >> more than four people wanted in a two-day crime spree in sydney that included a carjacking, pub robbery. police were called to a mcdonald's by an observant security guard and when they caught up with the couple, they didn't go down without a fight. they kicked, prched, bit and wrestled with the officers. in all seven people were injured taking these people in custody. >> started trying to kick him in the head, gave him a couple of kicks. as the woman is taken to the grand, the man runs up. as you see, the [ bleep ] is --
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>> shut up! >> and seconds later a police vehicle drives by going after the guy. >> maybe they were trying to, like, break a world record for charges. they were just trying to tack them all on to be the new world record holders. >> the guy was a gang of four. between them they're facing 31 charges all together. >> not a world record even. >> in one day? >> a valiant effort. >> the three other suspects are still at large. police say it won't take them too long to catch up with them. >> dash cam footage from canada. and you ain't seen nothing like this! this is in alberta, canada. from the pa control car from a member of the royal canadian mounted police, he's headed toward a call and suddenly it starts looking look daytime.
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is it sun rise? no way stm a meteor! just flying through the sky. a large meteor, big enough to light up the night sky. >> that moment right before it flies to the sky, would you think this is the world's fastest sunrise. >> the officer who got the call, he was called out on a guy hitting a bear. when he got there, he doesn't even have any conversation. all he talked about was did anybody else see this. >> tell me that didn't freak you. it would freak me out a little bit. >> it burns out just before it hits the ground. scientists are hoping some of the debris then it's a meteorite and not a meteor. >> and meteorites are worth money. >> and get this, meteors are spotted over north carolina
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because that witch. >> the rtm ipad mini giveaway is coming up in just a little bit. >> and you're going to need friday's tibuzz word. >> it's just about time for the giveaway. >> on a recent trip i was able to see the church, the basilica. you cannot miss the fact that it not yet finished. well, the team just released this video that shows what the basilica will look like once it is done. >> aw, cool. >> notice they're using digital imaging to create and give us a visual of what the project will look like when it's finally done. >> when was construction started on this thing? >> this is the master work of
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spanish artist anthony gowdy. believe it or not, he started in 1883 and he worked on this until 1926 at the time of his death, still under construction. it's taken such a long time because it is being built with just donations. >> you keep thinking it's done. that looks pretty. no, keeps growing. >> it's like a giant sand castle. >> that is pretty much the last of it, that very last spire you see at the very top. >> now you know when they pass the basket around at the end of mass where it's all going. >> i love they can do this digitally now and we got a sense and can watch like it's being done just before our eyes. >> they hope it's done by 2026, which will be the centennial anniversary of his death. >> he's the best when it comes to weigake boarding.
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>> and he's being pulled by a helicopter. >> see how fast he soars. >> and the amazing things can you do with that bottle of vin dpar in your cup board. >> why you'll look at vinegar in a whole new way. >> i love it!
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this handsome man you're seeing here in this photo is 62-year-old fred evans. fred was recovering from a
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double lung transplant and then doctors diagnosed him with metastatic melanoma. so doctors gave him only months to live. now, he is a father of four, three daughters, one son. two of his daughters are unmarried. so fred, along with the help of his wife and his oldest daughter, put together a surprise for his two unmarried daughters, by walking them down the aisle to give his blessing for their future nuptials. that's his beautiful wife carla in the pew with the handkerch f handkerchief. >> i'm speechless. >> that was something he dreamed of as well. >> but he wasn't done with the surprises. he surprised carla with the moment to renew his marriage vows. >> it just talks about the kind
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of person he is and it talks about what kind of person they're going to have to endure being without when they lose him. >> to talk about this act of love, we have fred's daughter via skype right this minute. ladies, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> first of all, we want to say we are so, so sorry for your loss. this is such a beautiful video. tell us what this means to you. >> to be surprised with that means the world to me that he wanted to make sure that he was able to walk me down the aisle. >> yeah, like it meant the world. i didn't even see it coming. >> describe what it was like to have your dad walk you down the aisle. >> i couldn't even catch my breath when i saw him undo the handkerchief and bring the
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flowers. >> did he say anything? >> he said i won't be able to walk you down the aisle. i lost it. >> tell us what you remember most about your father. >> his dry sense of humor. you could ask anybody. >> he would tell the dumbest jokes. now i catch myself saying things like that and i'm like i'm just like dad. >> what do you think about having these photos now. are you going back and watching them all the time? do you try not to? >> i have the picture of me and my dad. it's upstairs and it's framed. i don't watch necessarily the slide show because every time i watch it, i do get emotional. there's times i do miss him and i do go back and seep the moment that we did share together. >> if i pause the video right here, you see this guy wake boarding, german guy. he's the grand champ of wake boarding, won pretty much like everything there is to win. wait till up see what's pulling
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mr. hinterberger. that's an airplane. >> oh, wow. >> this was on the poe river in italy, and he is being dragged by a savage, which is a lightweight airplane. >> he's going really fast, probably faster than you could on a boat. >> you're right. he said it wasn't easy because the plane is going between 50 and 60 miles per hour. >> which means he's going -- >> 50 to 60 miles an hour. >> there's so much to keep in mind when you fly a plane irches from the water. >> yeah. >> you have to think about it as the pilot --. >> the trick here i guess is make sure you don't fall smarck face first into the water.
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>> never enough for you, huh? >> no, i think it's great. >> wake boarding behind a plane? >> a fisherman catches a lunker. >> instead of hooking a salmon, he hooked a duck. >> see who saved the day. and your chance to win an ipad mini. your chance is next.
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the royal national life boat institution, known as the rnli, known for rescuing man and beast. this time it's beast. we go to scotland where a fisherman was out trying to get some fish but instead of hooking a salmon, he hooked a duck. so the volunteers jumped in to save the day. well, they jumped in their boat. here's the duck. it's in the water but it's hooked up so much it can't get anywhere. >> as you can see, it's in a bind. >> is the hook in his mouth? >> it's right next to his cheek. and then it's next to his body. he's in a tankle. you think they're going to cut it off and all he does is unwind it. he tells them "hold the beak."
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this guy is probably not exac y exactly -- they put it back in the water and it's pretty quick getting out thereof. >> like being shot out of a corner. >> i love that they come out to save a duck. >> sure. >> i'm about to hack your life! today we're going to hack your life with household vinegar. >> it's got multiple using. >> first, you can use it to unclog that pesky clogged up sink are shower. >> put a half a cup down the drain and half a cup of vinegar. once is stops foaming, rinse it out. >> you ever get a really stinky garbage can? >> yes! >> drap grab a piece of bread and pour vinegar on it and let
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it soak up. when you remove it the day, the awful smell will be no more. >> are you serious? you like this one. >> especially when you're cooking meat, things like that. you know when you hate tho wrinkles in your clothes and you don't want to get out to iron, get the vinegar. >> after drying you'll see most of the wrinkles have flattened out. >> maybe put it into your drier with the drier sheet. you probably should have done that when you opened it. >> you neff when there's polts and sustains bottom. you have to soak it for three days. >> simply vinegar. so the amount of water. oil it for about five minutes
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and your cook ware will be good as new. >>. >> i have no vinegar in my house. >> now you need too get a giant jug of it. >> all right, everybody. it's fine for a little ipad mini giveaway. >> you got to be 18 years old and you have to have friday's buzz word. >> you enter on our facebook page. if you're using a mobile phone or tablet, go to the first post and tap on mobile link. >> time to reveal the buzz word for friday friday. it is "famous." >> and tenter it for a chance t an ipad mini. good look, everybody. >> he'll be in a suit and tie. >>
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this video is nabbed but try to guess what it's nabbed for. ♪ upside down, boy, you turn me ♪ >> this is a dancing chicken. >> the new dance craze, the funky chicken. you can't keep your head still like chickens can.
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>> this is actually an ad for mercedes-benz and their new body control system they put into the new s-class cars. >> they're using the way the chickens are able to hold their head still and equating that to how good their -- >> yeah, the head of the chicken is like the body of the car and the body of the chicken is like the suspension system. because as you're driving down the road, apparently you will not feel a thing. >> if i were in the pitch meeting for this commercial i would have been well, that's dumb but it's kind of effective. >> corgi in a bear suit. ♪ [ barking ] ♪ ♪
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>> whoo! ladies, do i look distinguished? >> you look dashing. >> holy moly! what happened? >> this is all part of a distinguished charity ride, the motorcycle ride where guys buck the look of the typical biker and dress distinguished to raise money for prostate cancer. >> i am in shock right now. >> you should be. >> it's in over 100 countries around the world, everybody riding in the same day from france to training america. and how videos are you'll over the web. the event just started in 2012. it got such tremendous support. they realize let's make certainly of it. so now in 2013 it's a much bigger deal. they're getting much more
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worldwide attention. >> the men look really good in their suits riding the motorcycles. >> yeah, there's something really kind of sexy. >> sexy and odd about it because you're not used to see it. all of a sudden you see this rugged motorcycle guy, which is very manly testosterone, but then you're refined. >> even you, rinick, are starti to look different. suddenly you're not nick anymore. >> is that what you're going to wear? is this your outfit? >> this is my one and only suit. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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tonight we have new information about the accident. patty lee live at the scene where the victim has been identified. the 16-year-old boy killed is a young man named kevin sand. they were at the intersection at a red light. the woman they have been interviewing all afternoon plowed into them. she does not seem to be under the influence but they are questioning her. at golf and pine a mangled mess of metal. broken class and shattered lives. this morning the driver of a
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mercedes rammed into the back of a chevy venture. the van was carrying a murder, daughter and son. the collision sounded like an explosion and sent the van airborne. >> had to be going at least 70. two officers spotted the driver moments earlier. before they could start the pursuit it was too late. from the extreme southern most lane, crossed all the lanes. navigated a bus in the center lane and struck the minivan. >> the impact all but obliterated the family van killing the boy and critically injured the mother and daughter. the driver walked away unscathed. >> she


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